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"[H]e's a capable performer who's mastered a variety of ethnic accents, never makes concessions to political correctness, and succeeds at the muted mannerisms and precise object work usually lost in this type of comedy. Recent experiments with the solo-improv Sybil are evident in his finely etched character work, and overall the material is admirably polished. . . .Some clever video footage--including mudslinging TV spots by two brothers running for the same office--helps sustain interest while Scholz darts behind the curtain and back again."
--Chicago Reader
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TRUST FUNNIN' 2: You Gotta Be Kidding
(at PROP THTR and Live Bait Theatre)

"Scholz's knack for physical and vocal mannerisms...brings his targets alive. And though some sketches end happily, all take an accurate measure of our culture's shortcomings."
--Chicago Reader

"Anyone can ho, ho, ho. It takes someone like Steve Scholz to ha, ha, ha."
--Chicago Sun Times

--Chicago Red Eye & Metromix


(Del Close Theater at iO Chicago)

"It's one of the few winning attempts at true political and social satire since the mock presidential debates at Second City nearly four years ago. ImprovOlympic veteran Steve Scholz has scripted a revue that has both a soul and a conscience. . . .When Scholz hits the mark--as he does more often than not--the results are impressive."
--Chicago Reader

"Scholz's satire, which also takes aim at the futile posturing of world leaders and the skewed politics of right-wing extremists, makes some powerful points."
--Chicago Sun Times

BEDLAM (at The Playground Theater)

"Steve Scholz offers strong work in several roles, especially a schoolmarmish drag turn. . . ."
--Chicago Reader

(Del Close Theater at iO Chicago)

"An espeically smart and savvy evening."
--Chicago Tribune

SPOO in the Big Stinkin' International
Improv & Sketch Comedy Festival

(Scottish Rite Theatre, Austin, TX)

"[Del] Close was directing a show at the time of his death, and the young group doing that show bravely kept his work alive and brought it to Austin. That group is Spoo and their show ‘Underlined Passages' applies a tight structure to an improvised show....To build a structured show spontaneously and entirely in front of the audience is a tall order, but Spoo filled it well. Obviously comfortable together and confident in each other's abilities, the troupe's eight actors kept a tight focus and an intense energy as they mused on the philosophical pros and cons of toast. Their quickly paced scenes featured some fancy wordplay, the actors didn't hesitate to challenge each other, and the show's structure made for some great callback jokes. Overall, it was a first-rate piece of entertainment.

"It was a shame to see two of the best troupes in the fest [Spoo & Sgt. Pickery's Mechanica Wonderfra], both of which had come from distant cities, play to a tiny house on the very last night of BS4. Those few of us who did get to see this show did our parts, however; we laughed our asses off."
-- The Austin Chronicle